24 November 2009

A Tale of Two Cities: Educause Denver and Interop New York

It was the best of Wi-Fi, it was the worst of Wi-Fi, it was the age of access, it was the age of stagnation, it was the epoch of mobility, it was the epoch isolation, it was the season of enlightenment, it was the season of bewilderment, it was the spring of tranquility, it was the winter of frustration, we had everything that was promised, we had nothing but words, we were all going direct to the Internet, we were all going nowhere (and slowly at that) — in short, the Aruba 802.11n wireless LAN at Educause Denver delivered the goods, the Xirrus arrays at Interop New York....well, read on.

The Educause 802.11n Wi-Fi network ran flawlessly and was smokin’ hot: 800 simultaneous users, 50% 802.11n clients, 50Mpbs delivered in client speed tests.

If you want to know what happened in New York see Jim Frey’s Network World posting, "Internet = InterNOT @ Interop."

If it looks like a skeet, and it flies like a skeet, and its connectivity is comparable to a skeet, then treat it like a skeet.